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Halloween Christmas Tree

I was so excited to surprise the kids today with a new Christmas Tree (our previous tree ended up breaking after 6 years). They came home from school to see not only a new Christmas Tree, but one that was all lit up and decorated for HALLOWEEN!!! They were squealing with excitement!

We absolutely love the holidays, so why not bring out the Christmas Tree early and make it all fun and festive for Halloween, right?! Last year we put up the Christmas Tree after Halloween and left it up after Christmas to do a Valentine’s Day Tree. It was so much fun! This year I thought it would be fun to do something different. So without further ado …. here is our FUN and FESTIVE Halloween Christmas Tree!!!

Here are some close ups…




What do you think?! Have you ever decorated a Halloween Christmas Tree for your home?

Chalk what?! Totally Mind Blown!

I recently discovered a new product that I’m absolutely obsessed with. If you’ve been following my other blog: My Passion For Scrapbooking, you already know I dabble with a variety of crafts. It’s far from just scrapbooking. I even love to decorate (or attempt) chalk boards for my kids school pictures or different occasions. The problem is they don’t look so great. They are even laughable, like this one….

Before Chalk Couture

But guess what?! They never have to look like that again because of this new product that I am LOVING. Check this out…. You pick a chalk transfer (which is like a stencil), pick the colors of chalk paste you’d like and a squeegee or a credit card/finger to apply and you’re set to create some amazing things. You literally peel and stick down your Chalk Transfer on a chalkboard (or window, wood surface, canvas, etc.) and then you take your Chalkology Paste (in 1 or multiple colors) and apply with your Squeegee over the Transfer, then remove the Transfer and VIOLA!!! Oh eM Gee, right?! I’m telling you, this stuff rocks!!!

Here is just a small glimpse of some projects…

Life is Better at the Beach : Chalk Couture  Crabby : Chalk Couture

Robot : Chalk Couture

Lemonade : Chalk Couture



Isn’t it the coolest?! So fun and easy! You don’t have to have good handwriting anymore to have awesome chalkboards or personalized home decor. I’m super jazzed over this stuff. You can take a look at the Chalk Couture Products HERE! Can’t wait to share more creations with you all very soon.

Mandy Leahy