You’ve joined… now what?! This list is great to get you going while you’re waiting the mail man to deliver your goodies.

  1. Be sure to reach out to me to let me know you’ve joined.
  2. Set some goals and create a plan of how you can achieve them.
  3. Once I’m aware that you’ve joined, I’ll be sending you a welcome email along with an invite to join our team FB group, our uplines FB group and the Corporate ran Group.
  4. You may want to place an order so you can play with product and get familiar with the ordering system.
  5. Think of ways you plan to share these products …. Social Media? Parties? Workshops? Vendor Events? Etc?
  6. If you plan on doing home parties or workshops…. Start jotting down where you will want to hold them out.
  7. Check your local area to see what vendor events are coming up.
  8. Get set up on Social Media…. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.
  9. Start thinking of posts you’ll want to put out there. Make a list so you’re ready to go once you have joined.
  10. Consider setting up a blog and get started with writing out some blog posts so you’ll be ready.
  11. You may want to order a small phone tripod or something to hold a camera of some sorts so you can make demo videos to share. Videos go over really well with the chalk products.
  12. Jot down a list of things you’ll want to get for your business. Ex. Display or organizer to hold your chalk paste, an easel to put your chalkboards up, a tote, etc. Chalk Couture actually offers a lot of great storage organizers as well.
  13. Designate a space in your home that you can use as your Chalk Couture area. Even if you don’t have much space a small corner, closet, desk, table, etc will work out.
  14. You may want to set up a separate email account that is specifically for your Chalk Couture business. It’s helpful to have things separate from your personal email account.
  15. If you plan on working Chalk Couture as a business you may want to look into how you’ll track things for tax purposes. As a Designer, if you make over $600 in commissions you will receive a 1099 at the end of the year so it’s helpful to track all your write-offs throughout the year.
  16. If you’ll be doing events outside of the home be sure to be ready to track your mileage. You can use a list of some sort or make it easier and use an app like Mile Logger. There are a bunch out there but they make it easy to keep track of.
  17. Think of how you’ll want to keep track of your customers. This is helpful for follow-up. You’ll be able to export a list in the back office but I know some designers like to jot down things on index cards or keep their own spreadsheets, have a section in your planner, etc.
  18. If you’re not familiar with direct sales you may want to consider reading up on it. There are tons of great books and websites.
  19. Social media is very helpful with Direct Sales. Consider looking into a service like CinchShare, PostCron, etc to be able to schedule your posts.
  20. Consider ordering some business cards/blitz cards (post card size) so once you have all your info like your Chalk Couture website address, you can get those ordered. We have ones already designed through vista print. The link to order those can be found in the back office of your Chalk site.
  21. Get a small notebook to carry with you or if you prefer digital, have a section in your notes app for your business so you can jot down ideas and notes as you think of them.If you have any questions for me, please contact me. I’m here to help!And if you haven’t joined, head on over HERE to join today.