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Reverse Canvas… who knew?

Did you know that underneath a canvas is a gorgeous wood frame, that is ready to be stained or painted and turned into a beautiful piece? There is! Let me show you how easy it is to take off the canvas, reattach and then chalk it up with some Chalk Couture Transfers and Chalkology Paste.

Sugar Cookies Anyone?!

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? I’m having a blast making all kinds of Valentine’s Day decor this year using all the super cute Chalk Couture Valentine’s Chalk Transfers. This Sugar Cookies Transfer could absolutely be used year round but with a little red and/or pink Chalkology Paste, it screams Valentine’s day. Am I right?

I couldn’t wait to chalk this one up. I even did a little layering on the Sugar Cookies letters, using our Patterns Chalk Transfer. Oh yes.. yes, I did LAYER the transfers. Did you know you could do that? I’ll share the video for you below so you can see how you do the layering. It’s a fun added touch.

Seriously, it’s as easy as …. PLACE. PASTE. PEEL!!!


If you haven’t tried Chalk Couture yet, head on over to MY STORE and get yourself some!!! You will love it!

This Ombre Technique Never Gets Old

Want to add a unique look to your chalk projects?! If so, you’ve got to give this ombre technique a try. It’s super simple to do and really adds a lot. Check out this cake that I used the ombre technique on in the video below. It’s from the You’re the Sweetest Chalk Transfer from Chalk Couture.

All you need is your Chalk Transfer, surface, at least 2 chalkology paste colors and your finger.

Isn’t that cool?! This project was super fun. I love how you can chalk on the chalkboard backing of this Shadow Box, as well as the glass on the top.

Chalking with Brooklyn

When your teenager wants to play with your Chalk Couture goodies, you let her have at it and have her make a video while she’s at it. 🙂 Check out her video below….


Didn’t she do great? She picked out the Home Sweet Home Chalk Transfer to use, which is one of my favs.

I love that these products are so fun for all ages.

Thank Your Hardworking Mail Carriers

It’s that time of year again to say thanks to our hardworking mail carriers.

I can tell you they really do appreciate it. Sometimes they don’t get a break at all during this busy time of year to make sure that we have all of our holiday packages. Don’t you think if they had some water and snacks, they’d love it? I know my mail carriers are super thankful. They told me last year when I did this, that some days all they had during the day was the goodies I had set out. I will keep it stocked all month for them for sure! I set out a variety… water bottles, chips, popcorn, granola bars, candy canes, etc.

I’m including the Thank You message below, in case you would like to do the same for your mail carrier. Simply print it out and fold in half to attach or set on your box of goodies. I left off our name so you can easily write yours on there or use a program like to add it before printing.

Just click on the image and you can right click and save it to print out.
You can also CLICK HERE to download the file on DropBox if you have any issues opening the full size image above.


Happy Holidays!




Vintage Truck Holiday Decor

Have you seen the cute little vintage trucks everywhere this holiday season? I sure have. So on trend! I’m loving them.

I was super excited when Chalk Couture released their Vintage Truck Chalk Transfer with tons of pieces to coordinate with it to make it a year round transfer. In this video below I’m going to share how I used the cute Christmas Tree to place in the bed of the truck. In addition to the tree, it came with pumpkins, an anchor, boxes, watermelons and more with sentiments to coordinate.

Chalking on Burlap

I love how easy it is to create adorable home decor with these Chalk Couture Products. Check out how I am using this All Good Things are Wild and Free Chalk Couture Transfer with some White Chalkology Paste and placing it directly onto a Burlap canvas. Turned out super cute and took under 2 minutes to create. Bonus… I’ll be able to use this transfer again and again.

Thanksgiving Christmas Tree

I meant to share this with you all sooner but time got away from me. I had so much fun putting together our Thanksgiving Fall Christmas Tree this year and even chalked up some decorations like this Autumn Is In The Air pumpkin chalkboard. Isn’t it cute?!

Look how simple it was to make using the Autumn Is In The Air Chalk Transfer from Chalk Couture and some Chalkology Paste…

You’ve Been BOO’d! | We’ve Been BOO’d

Have you ever been BOO’d?! It’s so fun! A few years ago we had moved into a new neighborhood and were boo’d for the first time. The kids were over the moon excited and of course, we had to continue the tradition. Every year we look forward to shopping for Halloween treats to create a basket full of surprises to take to our neighbors. The kids favorite part is the door bell ditching… haha! Although we often like to hide behind a car so we can see their reaction when they open the door and see their goodies.

Some ideas to include in your goodie basket are…

  • homemade items
  • candy
  • halloween decor
  • glow sticks
  • pumpkin necklace
  • stickers
  • coloring books
  • halloween bubbles
  • spider rings
  • cups

This year I made a “We’ve Been BOO’d” sign and the “You’ve Been BOO’d” instructions to include with the our BOO Baskets (pic below). I’ll include the printable below, if you’d like to use it. Simply click on the link under the image below to download it.


Happy BOO’ing! I hope you enjoy it as much as my family does!

Halloween Christmas Tree

I was so excited to surprise the kids today with a new Christmas Tree (our previous tree ended up breaking after 6 years). They came home from school to see not only a new Christmas Tree, but one that was all lit up and decorated for HALLOWEEN!!! They were squealing with excitement!

We absolutely love the holidays, so why not bring out the Christmas Tree early and make it all fun and festive for Halloween, right?! Last year we put up the Christmas Tree after Halloween and left it up after Christmas to do a Valentine’s Day Tree. It was so much fun! This year I thought it would be fun to do something different. So without further ado …. here is our FUN and FESTIVE Halloween Christmas Tree!!!

Here are some close ups…




What do you think?! Have you ever decorated a Halloween Christmas Tree for your home?