Welcome to Crafty Glam!

Hi! Welcome to my new website! I’m super duper excited about it! It’s still a work in progress but I couldn’t wait to get it live and start sharing projects on this new site for you all. My other website: www.MyPassionForScrapbooking.com will remain up and running. I’ll continue updating it and adding to that one as well. Although I still have a passion for scrapbooking, I always had wished I went with a shorter, more fun name. I had that domain long before I had thought about adding the long web address on business cards and before dabbling into other types of crafting aside from just scrapbooking. Soooo, I am starting with a fresh new site, a fresh new name and new branding…. Meet CRAFTY GLAM!!!

I hope you’ll check back soon to see my recent projects. Mandy Leahy

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