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Even 4 year olds LOVE Chalk Couture

My 4 year old daughter, Londyn, wanted to play with Chalk Couture like mommy. She even wanted to make her own video. Start them young, right? I can’t even with her little morning voice. She’s too much!!!



Isn’t it so great that this can be a craft you can do with kids too? They love it! She did awesome, didn’t she?

Lining up Chalk Transfers with a Laser Square

Just had to share this super useful gadget. I totally recommend it!! It is mega helpful for lining up the Chalk Couture Transfers. It is called a Laser Square and is made by We R Memory Keepers. I picked mine up at Michael’s Craft Store using a coupon.

Here is a video to show you how it works in action….

Hope you find it helpful too!

Can you Chalk on a Dry Erase Board?

Umm what?! Chalkology Paste on a Dry Erase Board?! Hello teachers!! You need this in your life. You can spruce up those empty white boards and be able to spray some water and wipe it clean when you’re ready for a new design.

Can you think of all the amazing possibilities? Jazz it up with a Chalk Couture Transfer and some Chalkology Paste for holidays or any occasion.

Check out this video to see it in action…

If you’d like to browse or shop these Chalk Couture products, please visit:

Curious about the Chalk Couture Opportunity?!

Chalk Couture Opportunity

Have you ever thought about joining Chalk Couture as a Designer? Being a Designer for Chalk Couture is so much fun. There is so many different ways you can work this as a business or you may even be interested in joining when you hear how amazingly generous our discount is and how it’s only $150 personal volume a quarter to remain active.

Check out my video to learn a little more about this opportunity…

I would love to welcome you to my Glam Chalkers Team! We are a fun, helpful group from all over the US.

If you’re ready to join, CLICK HERE! Then click on JOIN in the top right corner. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me. I’d love to help you!

Ice Cream Anyone?!

This Chalk Couture Ice Cream Transfer is just too cute! I loved working with the layers and lining up the waffle cone with the ice cream scoops. You can really do it a lot with it.

*Ignore my scratchy voice in the video. It kept going in and out from having a lovely cold. 😷

My niece came over a few days after I made mine and she loved it. I said, “would you like make one?” She could not believe it was something she could do too. She thought I painted it. Psshhhh, I am not that talented. Haha! With these products you don’t have to have artsy skills, you just slap some Chalkology Paste onto the Chalk Transfer, smooth it out with a little squeegee and peel it back to reveal the awesomeness.

To browse/shop Chalk Couture products, visit my website here:

Chalkology Paste on Mirrors

Does the Chalkology Paste from Chalk Couture work on mirrors? Check out this video below to see it in action…

Oh yes, yes it does. Isn’t that so easy and fun?! You can use this stuff on so many different surfaces from wood, glass, chalkboards to walls and so much more!

Browse reusable chalk transfers, chalkology paste and more at:

Mandy Leahy



Chalk + Paper = Super Cute Chalkboard

I had so much fun creating with Chalk and Paper today! I started with the Little One Transfer from Chalk Couture and then added the Chalkology Paste in Red, peeled off the transfer and viola!!! I still and I’m awww every time I use this stuff.

Then I used the JACK paper pack that is from CTMH to add a photo mat to the cute pics of my little one, Fox. I added some matching JACK stickers, punched 2 little holes in each and put Twine through it. Then just adheres it to the side of the frame and that was a wrap. Pretty cute, huh?

I could totally see making these as gifts for people. Whether it be for a wedding and chalking a wedding saying, or back to school with the kids pics, 1st birthday, monthly pregnancy pics, baby shower… so many ideas come to mind. This was an inexpensive frame that I purchased at Ross. They have frames all over and the beauty of these Chalk Couture products is it can be used on pretty much any surface including windows, mirrors, wood, glass, painted furniture and more!

Mandy Leahy

$99 Chalk Couture Starter Kit

I’m so excited to share with you that we have a brand new Starter Kit for Chalk Couture that’s only $99. This is the perfect kit no matter if you’re wanting to get the products for personal use or whether you’d like to start a business. You just just the right amount of everything at a low cost. Let me share with you all what comes in this awesome Designer kit, which has more than $200 retail value.

You’ll get 6 of the Chalk Transfers (in various sizes). These are the silk screen stencils that you’ll use to create amazing things. You’ll also receive the Chalk Couture Logo Transfer in the side by side version. In addition, you’ll receive 4 of the Chalkology Pastes (2 oz jars), 1 of the Mini Bracket Boards, a gorgeous 9″ x 12″ heavy duty magnet Chalkboard (you’ll love it), a Chalk Couture Apron and of course some starter info to teach you about the products and about the company.

Isn’t that awesome? Who wants a kit? Please send me a message if you have any questions. I’m here to help and would love to have you join me with Chalk Couture.

To join, go here:

To check out my store, go here:

Mandy Leahy

How to Create the Perfect Chalkboards

I am having way too much fun playing with these Chalk Couture Products. I even experimented with layering the designs. You can see what I did in this video below with the Love You to the Moon & Back Chalk Transfer….

If you’d like to give these products a try, please visit: You could even get in on a ground floor opportunity and become a designer. Once I saw these products and how easy they were to use I knew I had to have the designer kit. You can check out the Designer Kit here and if you’re ready to join you can click HERE!

Mandy Leahy

What do you get in the Chalk Couture Starter Kit?

UPDATE: We have recently released a new Starter Kit. Please check it out HERE!

I’m excited so share with you all the products that come in the current Chalk Couture Starter Kit. If you’re like me and love the Chalk Couture products, you’ll probably want to take advantage of getting the Starter Kit and then a discount on all other products you want to order. I saw it and had to have it!!!

Let me show you all what came in mine. They do vary, as the items are selected at random when packaging up the Starter Kits. So what I received may be different from what you’d receive. However, it would be the same amount of items. As in 17 Chalkology Pastes, an 18” x 24” Framed Porcelain Chalkboard, 3 of the Small Chalk Transfers, 3 of the Medium Chalk Transfers, 2 Squeegee’s (small and large), 5 Mini Chalkboard, 5 of the Chalk Wax, Twine for the Chalkboards, a Chalk Couture Apron, Chalk Couture Logo Transfer, and some Chalk Couture Thank You Cards. Even tons of poppers (packaging) that my kids were so excited about. haha!

If you want to get this Starter Kit, GO HERE!!! Let me know if you have any questions. There is a short little wait list you’ll go on but this will all change come July 1st.

Mandy Leahy